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Cryptocurrency for digital pirates

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Announcement (December 12th 2017)
Name Change Announcement
Schedual: Implementation name change week 51 (December 18-24 2017)

Doubloon Features

Proof Of Work

Proof-Of-Work (POW)

Plunder your way through the world by mining Doubloons and remember: dead men tell no tales. HMQ1725 Algorithm - CPU / GPU Mining

Proof OF Work

Proof-Of-Stake (POS)

Expand your treasure by burying it in your wallet
5% annual staking reward (interest). HODL and be part of our long term strategy!



YARRR! Conquer the seven seas, by cooperating and forming a powerful pact of digital pirates. Hop aboard our BOAT and raise the black flag!

Doubloon BOAT Cryptocurrency Wallet

Windows Wallet

Currently available for stashing your Doubloons.

Guard your treasure with a passphrase that a greedy pirate will never guess,
and of course, one you will never forget me old swabber!

Other (*) indispensable wallets will be developed in the near future.
* Linux - Android - iOS - MAC

To be able to sync your wallet faster:
Latest Bootstrap

Circulating Supply

$ 61527

Market Cap

21 SAT

Current value

February 2017


Crypto Exchanges

Mining Pools

Pool Request

Pool Request

Trustworthy and reliable pools supporting the HMQ1725 algorithm are welcome to join the project.

Upcoming Developments

Linux Wallet

Q1 2018


Android Wallet

Q1 2018

iOS Wallet

Q1 2018

Marketing Campaign


BOAT Explorer

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